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420 Drumming


zimbalidrums Here at Zimbali, drumming is a vibration we love.

There is something about Drumming in the hills; it becomes a time machine that brings you back to the primal self that lives within us all. 4:20 is a very special time at Zimbali. It is a time when we ring the gong every day calling for a moment of quiet within yourself and the retreat. Often we have drums at this time and it’s a good time for a cup of tea or your favorite relaxing drink.

Drumming is always a part of our Cooking Tour every Wednesday night and Zimbali guests mingle with Negril guests visiting for the evening- it is always a magical time.

Drumming lessons are always available for $20/hr. and the drummers specialize in many different forms.
West African

Come and feel the rhythm of nature and re-establish your Rhythm within.