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A Day at Zimbali




Your day begins with fresh Jamaican coffee in room or the pot is always brewing on the villa front porch as well, along with a wide variety of teas.

We recommend yoga and meditation before you eat so 8 – 8:30am is a good time to go if you are selecting to participate (which we hope you do)☺

Breakfast on the villa back porch will be served about 9:30am (you can also request in your room if you like), However at Zimbali we don’t pay attention to time, so if you wake at 11:00am- no problem- Breakfast will be at 11:00 ☺

From here it is off to relax, hike or take one of our tours; perhaps the Rasta Tour, Farm Tour or a day trip to Negril. Jamaica is one of the most beautiful countries in the world so don’t be afraid to take one of the Island tours as well.

Lunch is usually served around 12:30pm, but we always flexing with your activities so once again, don’t watch the time.

Afternoons are great for resting in the hammock or going to one of our great river spots to swim. Bob Marley himself used to swim at a place in the river nearby when he has a home very close by in Little Bay.

Dinner is served between 5- 6:00pm- other activities notwithstanding.