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African Yoga & Meditation


What makes Zimbali truly special is a true connection with the culture. This manifests in many ways: Community and children, artists, farming and nature- and at its highest level is Zimbali’s connection to Rastafari.

Working together with many brothers and sister, Zimbali allows individuals to bring their individual talents and purposes to bare in a place where we all can share. This is a modern day recreation of “The Tribe”; a place where we can all work together to celebrate our connection to each other and above.

From this comes the opportunity to share in the deeper parts of the culture- Meditation and Xaymaca Yoga. Taken from the original Indian inhabitants name for the Island, Xaymaca is translated as- “The Land of Wood and Water”. This reverence for nature is the inspiration for this style of yoga. Mixing styles from Brazil, India, Jamaica and Africa, Xaymaca Yoga is a series of exercises used a precursor for meditation.

Meditation in an environment like Zimbali is a blessing. With the natural surroundings and peaceful vibes- you can help but slow down your rhythm of life. Zimbali’s African meditation is actually a combination of Indian and African meditational techniques with an openness for all people to find the peace within themselves.

Further details and to reserve your Xaymaca Yoga and/or meditation sessions can be requested at check-in.