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Want to step out and stretch your legs? What better place than in a small farming community in the hills of Jamaica! Zimbali features some great hiking from simple to challenging. Walk our community and meet people who live a life unchanged by the years and technology. Farming is the name of the game in Canaan and they welcome you to share with them and learn.

We can show you to several springs which have made this area a place where people have lived all the way back to the original Indian inhabitants. Fruits in the trees and food abounds and there are stone walls all around that tell the history of slavery up to modern times.

A hike to ‘Fire’s Camp’ is an amazing time and a good way to get off the beaten path. Walking up the road from Canaan will take you through a next little mountain village and you never know who you will meet or what fruit you will end up trying.

Up for a little adventure?