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Let’s Go For A Swim


Zimbali offers several choices when swimming is on your mind:'

1. Day Trip to Negril - Just about everyone has heard of the beauty of Jamaica’s beaches and non are finer than Negril. At Zimbali we make it easy to spend as many days as you like at the beach. After Breakfast we hand you some towels; suntan lotion in hand your driver awaits. He will take you to a quaint little place on the nicest part of Negril’s 7 mile beach called ‘Rainbow Arch’. Owned by 2 Jamaican sisters and their mother, Rainbow is famous for their cooking and easy Jamaican charm. Here you can use their facilities and have a base camp to walk the beach.

Moored right in front is a little yellow boat called ‘Mike’s Glass Bottom boat’. Tell him you’re from Zimbali and he will offer you a really good deal for a snorkel at the coral reef or a tour along the coastline.

Lunch with the sisters is excellent if you like, order early though as they make everything from scratch. “Massage on the beach under the coconut trees” you say…no problem- Connie is there and from hair braiding to massage she will take great care of you ☺


2. Canaan’s Swimming

- Bob Marley himself used to come and swim in Canaan Mountain and there is a place here that locals call ‘Bob’s Bathing Spot’. * After a long hike there is no better place to take a dip than ‘Bob’s Bathin’ Spot’. Come swim in a stone bottom river that flows along 300 year old stone walls, under the shade of a bamboo canopy. How “Cool” is that? Come and find out for yourself ☺


3. River Cool Down - The River Cool Down is a Zimbali original and an experience you won’t soon forget. Lay back under the bamboo canopy as the sounds of the running river surround you. The coolness of the river is rained upon your body and the tension just flows away. As the cool towel is laid over your eyes, this river hydrotherapy can literally create an out of body experience; the comfort of your body allows you mind to be free to soar.