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Organic Farm

Located in a tropical mountain valley, complete with river and spring, this farm is the greatest of all Mother Nature’s gifts. And it is this gift that allows Zimbali Retreats to achieve almost 100% off grid status. In this paradise we have planted over 500 fruit trees of all varieties and over 700 pieces of fruit from pineapple to banana and plantain.

This farm is 100% organic, and only organic fertilizers and compost are used; this leaves us cutting a lot of grass and pulling a lot of weeds by hand; we perform this work in thanks, as a labor of love. As vegetarians, we derive as much as 75% of our food and spices from “our back yard”. We believe that in the future, people are going to want to know more where their food comes from.

We welcome you to come and experience this dedication to a most natural lifestyle. There are very few places on earth where this opportunity even exists. Whether up in the mountains or down by the sea, come and live by the rhythm of nature and discover the peace within.