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Things To Do

At Zimbali there are many things to do and we always put sharing at the top of the list. Along with all the cultural experiences you can have here, we also off other ways to share your time and energy:


Are you a chef?

Try your hand in the Kitchen and show us a meal or appetizer that is special to you. We love to try new things and some of the dishes we have were given to us this way.


Do you love to farm?

At Zimbali there is ALWAYS things going on and our farm workers would love to share with you techniques and the beauty of growing and planting food and flowers, tending trees, and the most fun of all- reaping the fruits of Mother Nature.


Are you into Video, Music, Writing or Painting?

Zimbali is a place for artists…period. The rhythm of nature abounds and the space created is the fertile ground for unlimited inspiration. We have a Bass, Guitar, Easel and the beauty…all we need is you ☺

At Zimbali you rediscover the Rhythm of Nature and reignite that spirit for life that is the essence of yourself. Come and share your gifts with us ☺