“Our futures Hope, rests in EACH child’s Heart… It takes a whole village to raise a child”


Zimbali Retreats is a gateway into a beautiful and ancient way of life. E.A.C.H seeks to provide an avenue by which caring people of all cultures can open their hearts and share with each other the blessing of giving hope to all children and our collective future.


In rural village life, finding the extra money needed to provide a child with a consistent education is not easy. Even in loving communities, children are left behind as everyone is fighting the same battle and there is little left to give. The impact on the child is a story of inconsistency, lack of confidence and falling behind, until eventually there is just no way to catch up

E.A.C.H is constantly striving to provide the little things in children’s lives that can mean so much; Whether taxi fare and lunch money or books and correct shoes and uniforms for school, these “little things” can be the difference between attending school or not. Even small presents on Christmas and a little surprise on your birthday are treats that give the children the feeling that their community is a caring place.

A small donation can go a very long way; please ask about these programs and how you can help J Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and you can specify how you would like your donation applied. Better yet, come and meet the people and the children. Spend time with them and share with them yourselves.

Suggested Donation Items: Books & book bags, Clothes, Shoes, Pencils & pens, Notebooks, Art materials, Money & Computers (new or used)

E.A.C.H also has larger programs in the works:

Providing better sanitary bathroom conditions at a local school where they are desperately needed.
Providing aluminum guttering and rain barrels for rain water harvesting; a more consistent, healthy and money saving supply of water for schools and families in the area.
Building a small football field in the community to provide the community and the children a place to play and hang out.

Building a bathroom and lunch area for our “Canaan History Tour” which will provide 15 jobs in the area and also be a wholesale location for farm goods to move from local farmers to the farmers market; thereby increasing farming opportunity to a large area of surrounding communities.
Providing material for the “Bun- Bun Book Club”- an expat run reading club which helps adults in the area learn to reading after work in an informal, homey atmosphere.

I promise it will be an experience you will never forget.

With gratitude and Blessed Love to all,

Empress Alecia