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Zimbali is a Private Retreat –
As such, for the privacy of our guests, we ask that all visits be accompanied by a reservation.

Zimbali Retreats From Negril –
Please head east out of Negril on the South coast road towards Savanna La Mar. About 15 minutes from Negril you will come to a gas station called “Vic Mar” on your left side- This is Little London Square. Please take a left at the gas station road and drive towards the hills. After passing Little London High School you will come to a “Y” in the road- Please stay to your left at the “Y” and head towards the hills. As the road reached the hills it will sweep to the left to run along the foot of the hill heading toward Delveland- Look for the second right hand turn after the sweep- There is a sign that reads Canaan Mountain and there is a sign there of a “Bird flying out of a Hand”. Take a right here- there are 5 sign in total- just follow the bird right to Zimbali’s doorstep.

Directions from Savanna La Mar –
Go through Sav town to the South Coast Road heading West-
Remaining directions are same as above, but please turn right at the “Vic-Mar” gas station.

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