Artist Ishanti

Jamaica ‘National Gallery’ Artist- Creating in the Hills…

Canaan Mountain is blessed for so many reasons. But to have an Artist in Residence of the prestige of Ishanti is really a testament to the peace of this place. Having worked as a teacher and accountant in Kingston, He did what many dream of and left his work to dedicate his life to his art. Moving to Canaan he set up his studio and since then, Ishanti’s work has made its way to the National Gallery of Art in Kingston and has been featured in shows around the world. Originally expressing himself in wood carving, his shell carving is awe inspiring as well as leather works and now new heights of beauty in his works with gem stones.
While at Zimbali, it is only a 2 minute stroll to Ishanti’s workshop where you can personally view his myriad of works and talk with the artist yourself.
Ishanti is also kind enough to offer lessons by the hour for a very reasonable rate and you can try your hand at wood carving or create yourself a memorable work in leather to take home with you. How lucky we truly are to live in a place where we can share in this talent together ☺

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