Cultural Artist-Knitting Tams & Clothing to the Stars

Our Blessed Sister I-shsa Transited from this earth on Feb 23, 2020 (Beautifully- 2-2-3-2-0-2-0)
To say we miss her is a drop in the ocean to our tears.
We leave her page up here as a Living Testament to the POWER of a Woman
And to the Immense Impact left upon The Earth by a Real Empress.
Chances are, if you have visited Negril in the last 30 years you have either met or seen Iesha. Her Iconic Rasta look & colorful crocheted clothing, fits perfectly within the vibrancy of Negril. But don’t let her humbleness fool you- she is sought out from people the world over for her amazing tams and clothing from the like of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones and others.
If you like, spend a few hours with this colorful woman. Stories and knitting go well together, and Iesha is a master of both. A $50 donation is welcome and you wont leave empty handed.

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