Zimbali’s Rasta Experience

A Once in a Lifetime Cultural & Culinary Experience

As with many traditional cultures, you sometimes have to travel a long way to get the genuine experience, and the same is true in Jamaica. However, you’re in luck! Located in the mountains 30 minutes outside Negril, Zimbali is a rare gateway from which you can experience the real culture of Rastafari. Located in Canaan Mountain come and meet Rasta ‘Fiyah’ and hike with him up to his farm “Camp Survival”. 30+ years of natural living and farming, Fiyah upholds the real Livity of Rastafari. On the way you stop at “Gracie’s Spring” to fill your water bottle with natural water straight from the ground. Once up at the camp, follow Fiyah to pick fresh foods and spices. Now it’s time to start the fire. Rasta Cooking is known as ‘Ital Cooking’ and it relies on all-natural herbs, spices and hand squeezed coconut oil for its one of a kind flavor. This is a true learning experience on so many levels that many people find it life changing. This is reason alone to make the journey.

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